When you want carpets but don’t want to get rid of Fido, you want to investigate the most durable new floors that fit your needs. Keeping Fido and going with a good carpet has never been easier.

When shopping for flooring, you always want to keep pets in mind. So, here are a few facts to get you started on your search for pet-friendly carpets.

Choosing an excellent pet-friendly carpet

SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets are a good choice for soft, pet-friendly carpets. These carpets offer long-lasting durability, stain resistance, and a silky smooth texture, a perfect fit for your new floors.

Along with the benefits of the SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets, they also offer unbeatable spill protection. Not only do they have all these benefits, but they also come in many different stylish and fresh options to fit your preferred decor.

How does this pet-friendly carpet compare?

SmartStrand Forever Clean carpets are equipped with unique Nanoloc technology that makes cleaning them easier than cleaning regular nylon carpets. In addition, built-in stain-resistant technology helps ensure that pet messes won't leave your carpet ruined.

Technicians applied the same stain to a regular nylon carpet from a different flooring company. The stain-resistant technology never washed or wore off even after three professional washes. This benefit means that even through the toughest messes, you can be assured that your carpet will not get stained and will be the exact carpet you've come to love.

Find your next pet-friendly carpet

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